The Healing Power of Expressive Arts: Integration in Pain Management

This AI-PAMI Patient & Caregiver Presentation is a collaboration with Arts for the Aging, entitled ‘The Healing Power of Expressive Arts.’ Karen Estrella, PhD, REAT, LMHC, leads discussion about the research into expressive arts (movement, music, drama, visual arts, writing and creative processes) and their connection to aiding in pain management. Teaching artists of RÓMEZ3arts, Carlos César Rodríguez, D.M.A., and Peter Joshua Burroughs, D.M.A., use piano and song to provide musical exercises for viewers to participate in the arts, no matter the skill level or previous experience. They also provide a performance of ‘La vita e mobile’ for audience enjoyment.

Presentation Slide Deck

The Healing Power of Expressive Arts Slide Deck

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Expressive Arts and pain research
  • An explanation of neuroaesthetics
  • CoOPERAtion Workshop: musical exercise participatory segment, led by teaching artists
  • Additional Resources