The PAMI® team has compiled resources to access pain management information for your personal use, to support a family member or loved one, or to share with your providers to discuss options during appointments.

PAMI Educational Pain Videos

Learn about ways to manage chronic pain, relieve back pain and more from PAMI educational videos for patients.

View patient-friendly videos for pain relief.

PAMI Products and Resources

View and download free PAMI materials to help safely and effectively manage your pain at home.

Pain management tools like the nonpharmacologic toolkit guide are free on our website.

Discharge Planning Toolkit

The PAMI Discharge Planning Toolkit contains 17 patient-friendly handouts to better understand opioid and pain medication safety along with additional pain management therapies.

We have many handouts to help you learn how to prevent and manage your pain.

Pain-related Websites

Visit pain-related organization websites for additional resources on pain education and research.

Find more tools for pain management online.

Locating a Provider