Discharge Planning Toolkit for Pain

Discharge Planning Toolkit for Pain

The toolkit consists of consists of an algorithm, a pain risk factor assessment form, 17 patient handouts and four educational videos.

Discharge planning algorithm for the pain assessment and management initiative

As part of a comprehensive program, the Discharge Planning Toolkit for Pain provides a much needed Discharge Algorithm for Pain Related Complaints. This algorithm assists providers in determining if the patient is safe for discharge; considerations for opioid addiction risk, OTC treatment options, and bowel regimens. The toolkit also provides educational handouts, which you can adapt for your own needs, and patient-friendly videos on managing pain. Finally, patients can review a helpful pain analogy from the American Chronic Pain Association called “A Car with Four Flat Tires.”

Our toolkit resources can be downloaded by selecting the links below:

1.  Discharge Algorithm for Pain Related Complaints
Step 1:
Determine if the patient is safe for discharge.
Step 2:
For patients on home opioids or discharged with opioid prescriptions.
Step 3:
Tailor discharge packet based on patient’s needs.

2.  Pain Risk Factors Assessment Form

3. Educational Pain Video Post Card w/QR codes

4. Patient Education/Resource Handouts:

a. Managing Pain
b. Safe Use of Pain Medication
c. Reduce Smoking and Improve Pain Management
d. Alcohol & Pain – Jacksonville, FL
e. Alcohol & Pain – National
f. Healthy Eating & Pain
g. Exercise
h. Back Pain Exercises
i.  Pain and Stress – Relaxation Techniques
j.  Aromatherapy and Breathing Techniques for Pain Relief
k. Pain and Sleep
l. Ergonomics
m. Dental Pain
n. Pregnancy and Back Pain
o. Nonpharmacological Therapies for Pain
p. Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) and Pregnancy: Jacksonville, FL
Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) and Pregnancy: National

5. PAMI Educational Pain Videos

6. American Chronic Pain Association, “A Car with Four Flat Tires” Educational Video for Chronic Pain