Discharge Planning Toolkit for Pain

Discharge Planning Toolkit for Pain

The toolkit consists of consists of an algorithm, a pain risk factor assessment form, 16 patient handouts and four educational videos.

Discharge planning algorithm for the pain assessment and management initiative

As part of a comprehensive program, the Discharge Planning Toolkit for Pain provides a much needed Discharge Algorithm for Pain Related Complaints. This algorithm assists providers in determining if the patient is safe for discharge; considerations for opioid addiction risk, OTC treatment options, and bowel regimens. The toolkit also provides educational handouts, which you can adapt for your own needs, and patient-friendly videos on managing pain. Finally, patients can review a helpful pain analogy from the American Chronic Pain Association called “A Car with Four Flat Tires.”

Our toolkit resources can be downloaded by selecting the links below:

1.  Discharge Algorithm for Pain Related Complaints
Step 1:
Determine if the patient is safe for discharge.
Step 2:
For patients on home opioids or discharged with opioid prescriptions.
Step 3:
Tailor discharge packet based on patient’s needs.

2.  Pain Risk Factors Assessment Form

3. Educational Pain Video Poster w/QR codes

4. Patient Education/Resource Handouts:

a. Managing Pain
b. Tips on Opioid Safety
c. Reduce Smoking and Improve Pain Management
d. Alcohol & Pain – Jacksonville, FL
e. Alcohol & Pain – National
f. Healthy Eating & Pain
g. Exercise
h. Back Pain Exercises
i.  Pain and Stress – Relaxation Techniques
j.  Pain and Sleep
k. Ergonomics
l.  Dental Pain
m. Pregnancy and Back Pain
n. Nonpharmacological Therapies for Pain
o. Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) and Pregnancy: Jacksonville, FL
Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) and Pregnancy: National

5. PAMI Educational Pain Videos

6. American Chronic Pain Association, “A Car with Four Flat Tires” Educational Video for Chronic Pain