Nonpharmacologic Toolkit

Nonpharmacologic Toolkit

Learn alternate ways to manage pain and anxiety in children and adults with the help of our toolkit materials.

PAMI Tool kit

The PAMI® Nonpharmacologic and Distraction Toolkit focuses on nonpharmacologic pain management. The free, downloadable toolkit includes topics such as a stepwise approach to pain management that incorporates pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic measures, therapeutic language, comfort positioning, coaching, distraction, guided imagery and other physical/psychosocial modalities.

Benefits of Distraction and Nonpharmacologic Methods:

  • Used alone or in combination with medications to facilitate triage and management –> may not be appropriate in cases of severe pain or high acuity
  • Often decreases dose or need for medications(ex. opioids)
  • Reduces procedure and treatment times
  • Decreases fear and anxiety for the patient, as well as caregivers and healthcare providers!
  • Always consider for children and cognitively impaired patients; however, most nonpharmacologic methods and “tools” can also benefit adult patients

Toolkit Resources

Communication Cards

The cards are designed to assist in communication with adult and pediatric patients about pain and hospital care, available in English and Spanish.

A visual tool for communicating with patients.

Virtual Reality Viewer

Virtual reality can be an effective way to help adult and pediatric patients manage acute and chronic pain while in the hospital or after discharge.

A tool for using virtual reality with patients of all ages.

Nonpharmacologic Course Materials

On April 21, 2017 the PAMI team presented the inaugural pilot course on new approaches to pain, titled “Exploring Nonpharmacologic, Child Life & Distraction Toolbox Techniques for Pain Management in Emergency and Acute Care Settings.” The course provides a comprehensive overview of nonpharmacologic approaches to pain management with an emphasis on its influences, distraction techniques and tools that health care providers can utilize to serve patients safely.

Access all original course materials and resources:

View our live course playback:

  • First hour Basics of ED and EMS Pain Management
  • Second Hour Nonpharmacologic Pain Management
  • Third Hour Putting It All Together-Program Implementation, Resources and Evaluation