Sleep 101: How and Why to Sleep Better

Good sleep starts the moment you wake up in the morning, and it means more to your body, system as a whole and life experience than just going to bed at night. It is a time that you can process, rest, detoxify and release. When done right, sleep can be a well of resourcefulness and provide an energy you can feel self-assured of and confident in. In this webinar, Dr. Stuart will discuss the practical tools and tactics that will optimize your sleep through mindset, diet, lifestyle, supplementation, specific exercises and everyday choices that you can make yourself and implement right away. In this presentation, Dr.Stuart will:

  • Identify sleep issues and how to resolve them
  • Go over the benefits of a good nights’ rest and how to live right to sleep well 
  • Reset your system in the blink of an eye
  • Personalize your sleep game plan utilizing mindset, diet, lifestyle, supplementation and other holistic techniques 
  • Tap into practices like the heart based meditation, emotional freedom technique tapping, and other everyday choices that you can use at home to build out new patterns 

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