Nonpharmacologic Management of Pain in Adults and Children


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Nonpharmacological Therapy Options

U.S. Pain Foundation – Complementary Therapy Options

There are so many therapies available to us that have the potential to lower our pain, and help us find balance and stability in the midst of chaos and pain. Here is a small list of various complementary therapies that may be worth looking into. Again, U.S. Pain Foundation does not endorse one type of treatment. As an organization, U.S. Pain Foundation supports all therapies. U.S. Pain Foundation just want each of the 100 million Americans living with pain to find answers and relief.

Using Guided Imagery and Meditation to Help Child Anxiety

Leaving the daily chaos in the dust and traveling to the perfect place doesn’t necessarily involve plane tickets. All you and your anxious child need is meditation-based guided imagery. Not only does guided imagery, or GI, take you far away from the cacophony of daily life, it can take you just as far away from the worries in your brain while offering a host of benefits, especially for the anxious child. One of the top benefits is leaving your anxiety in the dust right along with the daily chaos…..

Documentaries and Videos

It Doesn’t Have to Hurt

Kids upset about the pain and distress of getting a needle? It doesn’t have to be this way. Watch the Centre for Pediatric Pain Research’s 2-minute video to learn some tips about how it can be easier for everyone. And the best news? These tips are all backed by scientific research!

Comfort Positions

Comfort positions can be used during a number of procedures including IV starts, blood draws, NG placements, and injections. These positions can be adapted for use in a variety of locations: at the hospital, at the doctor’s office, the dentist, or other areas where children may need assistance holding still.

Posters of Comfort

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Wolfson Children’s Hospital: Get Comfy with Comfort Positions

Comfort positions Wolfsons Ministry Saint Joseph’s Children’s Hospital: Positioning for Comfort


Position of Comfort