Communication Cards

Communication Cards

The cards are designed to assist in communication with adult and pediatric patients, especially non-English speakers or those who are non-verbal.

three sample communication cards

The PAMI® Communication Cards are designed as a tool for EMS, emergency triage and other healthcare providers to communicate with patients and their family members in what can be a scary time during a medical emergency. The 18 cards use emojis to explain a particular topic or aspect of medical care. Cards are made of a durable material that can be cleaned and used with dry erase markers. they are bound together on a ring clip for easy usage. The cards include terms in both English and Spanish and newly added in 2020, an English and Haitian Creole set. Check out our informational flyer to learn more about the cards.

The cards may be helpful with the following:

  • History taking and assessment
  • Pain, mechanism of injury
  • Explanation of treatments
  • Procedures and testing
  • Discharge instructions

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