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AI-PAMI Patient/Caregiver Content

Aromatherapy for Pain Management

This presentation on aromatherapy is presented by Douglas Suffield, MAcOM, Pain Education Specialist at UF Health Jacksonville. Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils from plants (flowers, herbs, or trees) as an integrative health approach. Doug provides an overview of aromatherapy and essential oils, their benefit and safe usage. Aromatherapy has been researched in association with pain management as well as stress and anxiety reduction. There is research supporting the benefit of the use of essential oils for labor and delivery patients, especially.

Virtual Reality as a Pain Management Tool

AI-PAMI hosted a live presentation of Virtual Reality as a Pain Management Tool on March 3, 2021. The webinar was presented by Douglas Suffield, MAcOM, Pain Education Specialist at UF Health Jacksonville. Doug starts by explaining pain neuroscience and how distraction techniques like virtual reality can reduce pain. He provides an overview of how virtual reality works, explains the basics of headsets and how to get started as well as safety measures to take.

Anti-Inflammatory Diet for Pain Management

The presentation on the anti-inflammatory diet for pain management is presented by Kayla Fisher, RDN, CDE, a registered dietitian with UF Health Jacksonville. Research shows that a diet combatting inflammation can help reduce pain, inflammation and stiffness caused by several painful conditions such as arthritis and musculoskeletal pain. Kayla provides a complete overview of the types of food groups included in the anti-inflammatory diet as well as foods to avoid. Additionally, she reviews steps to take toward a healthy lifestyle in general, which includes nutrition and physical activity to reduce the burden of pain.

Physical Therapy Role in Chronic Pain Management

Physical Therapy Role in Chronic Pain Management is presented by Hannah Scholten, PT, DPT, Cert. MDT, clinical supervisor, UF Health Rehabilitation – Wildlight. Hannah discusses the issue of chronic pain in the U.S., the history of pain management and existing pain treatment options. She provides an introduction to physical therapy for chronic pain management and provides additional self-management options and resources to try at home. UF Health Rehabilitation – Wildlight:

Yoga and Breathing for Pain Relief

Yoga & Breathing to Assist with Pain Management is presented by Kathryn Thomas, veteran and executive director of Yoga 4 Change. You will learn about the many benefits of yoga for stress, anxiety and pain reduction. Kathryn also provides instruction on several breathing exercises you can try at home.

Coping with Persistent Pain

Brian Celso, PhD, an assistant professor and psychologist at UF Health Surgical Psychology – Jacksonville presents, “Coping with Persistent Pain.” Dr. Celso encourages you to develop a deeper understanding of how pain has affected your life and how to break out of the cycle of uncontrolled pain. He also provides several options for learning to cope with and more effectively manage pain in your daily life.

Managing Pain — Shifting the Stress Response

Brooke Stuart, AP, DACM, presents on Managing Pain — Shifting the Stress Response. She shares practical tools for shifting the body's stress response for improved pain management. You will learn more about how your diet, activity level and mindset can play a role in the way you experience pain.

Living with Chronic Pain

Monika Patel, MD, an assistant professor and pain medicine physician at UF Health Jacksonville, presents Living with Chronic Pain. This presentation provides information on common painful health conditions, treatment options, prevention and resources for patients and caregivers.