Managing Pain Through Journaling

“Managing Pain Through Journaling” is presented by Brooke Stuart, AP, DACM. Brooke details the ins and outs of journaling and how you can use it directly to rework and enhance your reality creation to meet the criteria you have for yourself, health and well-being. Walk in with an open heart and mind and walk out with a toolbox of healing techniques, prompts and takeaways. Pain journaling can help you with tracking pain frequency, triggers, and related emotions. Examples and tips to get started, including suggested journaling apps, are provided.

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Managing Pain Through Journaling

Table of Contents

  • Let Go & Grow Principles
  • Research on Pain Journaling
  • What is a Pain Journal?
  • Benefits of Pain Journaling
  • Pain Journal How-to
  • Journaling Resources

Journaling Apps/Web Resources

Use your smartphone to search for and download pain journaling apps: