Rhythms of Life: Music and Pain Management

This AI-PAMI Patient & Caregiver Presentation is a collaboration with Arts for the Aging, entitled ‘Rhythms of Life.’ Dr. Mitchell Kossak provides a presentation on the benefits of music listening on pain perception and anxiety. Dr. Kossak discusses the research behind this phenomenon and acts as a host to the featured artists performing and leading the active demonstration portion of this presentation.

The Arts for the Aging Teaching Artists featured in Rhythms of Life include Chris Brown and Manny Arciniega. This arts experience combines peaceful music with a light seated yoga routine. Chris Brown performs elongated versions of fun songs on his bass guitar while Manny Arciniega accompanies on the drums and other percussion instruments for a guided visualization. Manny also guides the audience through a series of gentle movements designed to wake up the body, engage viewers, and reduce perceptions of pain.

Presentation Slide Deck

Rhythms of Life_presentation deck

Table of Contents

  • Research relating to listening to music
  • Guided visualization led by teaching artist Chris Brown
  • Discussion of rhythm in relation to the body using tuning forks
  • Review of beta, alpha, theta and delta waves
  • Rhythmic movements led by teaching artist Manny Arciniega

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