Using Chair Yoga to Find Pain Relief

This AI-PAMI Patient & Caregiver live webinar on “Using Chair Yoga to Find Pain Relief” was recorded on August 11, 2021. Natalie Spindle, MS, CHES®, RYT200, provides an overview of yoga and the common components of a westernized yoga class (asana, pranayama, dyana). She then explains modifications for making yoga more accessible through the use of chair yoga and props. Part of this presentation contains a chair yoga demonstration class (begins at 22 minutes).

Presentation Slide Deck

8.11.21 Chair Yoga Presentation Slides

Table of Contents

  • What is yoga?
  • Physical Postures: asanas
  • Breathing techniques: pranayama
  • Meditation: dyana
  • Research backing yoga
  • Making yoga accessible
  • Chair yoga
  • Yoga Resources


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