Understanding Medical Marijuana

View the live webinar recording of Understanding Medical Marijuana and its Potential Benefits and Harms in Older Adults Living with Pain, presented by University of Florida researchers, Robert Cook, MD, MPH and Yan Wang, PhD. on Feb. 23, 2021. Dr. Cook and Dr. Wang presented on medical marijuana and its effects on chronic pain and related health outcomes. This webinar focuses on fostering understanding about various medical marijuana products in the state of Florida and its application for pain management within the older adult patient population. Dr. Wang provides an overview of recent medical marijuana research along with findings from a pilot study focused on older adults with chronic pain newly initiating medical marijuana use.

Learning Objectives:

  • Presentation by Dr. Cook-
  • Define and distinguish cannabis, hemp, CBD, marijuana, and “medical marijuana”
  • Describe mechanisms by which marijuana could improve outcomes in older people with pain
  • List several different routes of administration of medical marijuana and their potential advantages and disadvantages
  • Identify potential safety issues to monitor in persons who are using medical marijuana
  • Presentation by Dr. Wang-
  • Overview of medical marijuana and the user demographics
  • Current research evidence of marijuana’s effect on chronic pain
  • A pilot study on medical marijuana use and its impact on older adults with chronic pain