Anti-Inflammatory Diet for Pain Management

The presentation on the anti-inflammatory diet for pain management is presented by Kayla Fisher, RDN, CDE, a registered dietitian with UF Health Jacksonville. Research shows that a diet combatting inflammation can help reduce pain, inflammation and stiffness caused by several painful conditions such as arthritis and musculoskeletal pain. Kayla provides a complete overview of the types of food groups included in the anti-inflammatory diet as well as foods to avoid. Additionally, she reviews steps to take toward a healthy lifestyle in general, which includes nutrition and physical activity to reduce the burden of pain. You can also view her live presentation on the anti-inflammatory diet from the June 18, 2021 webinar where she answers real patient questions about nutrition and the relationship between food and pain.

Live Webinar Recording:

View a recording of the live webinar on the anti-inflammatory, presented on June 18, 2021 by dietitian, Kayla Fisher

Presentation Slide Deck:

Anti-inflammatory diet for pain management

Table of Contents:

  • What is inflammation?
  • The role of lifestyle therapy
  • Anti-inflammatory diet
  • A breakdown of foods included in the anti-inflammatory diet
  • Mediterranean diet
  • Incorporating physical activity