Naloxone: The Gift of Time

Naloxone: The Gift of Time (2023)

Robin Moorman Li, PharmD, BCACP, CPE, NBC-HWC, a clinical associate professor and assistant director for the University of Florida College of Pharmacy – Jacksonville presents on opioid prescribing safety as it relates to opioid overdose reversal through the use of naloxone. She reviews the risk factors and symptoms of opioid overdose, naloxone basics, naloxone administration using intranasal spray, intramuscular injection and the auto-injector options, as well as a brief overview on the laws surrounding its use. We would like to recognize Kelley-Ross Pharmacy Group for their permission to use naloxone demonstration videos developed by their team.

Presentation Slide Deck (2023):


Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the current national overdose concerns associated with opioids
  • Identify signs and symptoms of opioid overdose
  • Identify proper candidates for naloxone
  • List and describe the available naloxone formulations, including proper administration techniques
  • Demonstrate the ability to properly counsel patients and caregivers on naloxone use
  • Describe the current naloxone access laws and how these access laws are directed at improving patient access to naloxone