Basics of Pain Management

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Pain Assessments Mnemonics

Pain Assessment Scales

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Presentation: Management and Assessment of Pain in the Emergency Department at UF Jacksonville COM Grand Rounds, by Dr. Phyllis Hendry, October 2015.

Documentaries and Videos

Pain Matters – Discovery Channel Documentary

“Pain Matters” chronicles the stories of six people with pain and their loved ones: a U.S. Navy veteran who sustained debilitating injuries while serving in Iraq, a two-time Stanley Cup-winning hockey player, a car accident survivor, and individuals with osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). The stories of people with pain are at the center of the film with leading experts in pain management providing their perspective on the science behind chronic pain and how it’s treated, the effects of untreated pain, as well as the future of pain management. The “Pain Matters” documentary aired on the Discovery Channel Saturday. The documentary is also available online at

A Car with Four Flat Tires – American Chronic Pain Association

A video that discuss how a person with pain is like a car with four flat tires.